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New paper by prof. P. Łuków

A new paper by Professor P. Łuków, “Leaving gift-giving behind: the ethical status of the human body and transplant medicine”‚ has been published in Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy (2018). Full text in open access.

New publication from Emilia Kaczmarek

We invite you to read a new paper by Emili Kaczmarek, published in Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy. Kaczmarek, E. Med Health Care and Philos (2018), How to distinguish medicalization from over-medicalization?

New article by prof. Paweł Łuków

We invite you to read new paper of prof. Paweł Łukow, CBB’s director titled: ‘A Difficult Legacy: Human Dignity as the Founding Value of Human Rights‘ published in Human Rights Review. Full text available as open access.