Conference in Łódź (Poland)

Prof. Paweł Łuków i dr Joanna Różyńska will give invited talks at the conference “Problems with definitions and argumentative strategies in philosophical and bioethical debates on the beginning and end of human life“ held in Łodź (Poland) on 16-17 March, 2018. Prof. Paweł Łuków’s talk is titled: “Best interests of the extremely premature infant. One standard or many?”, and dr Joanna Różyńska’s: „The argument from potentiality and status of human embryos”.

Politicized Medicine – Workshop

CBB scholars will give talks during workshop taking place in Łódź on 12th and 13th May 2016. The organisers invite all interested persons to take part.


Welcome to CBB

Welcome to CBB blog. We will publish here posts on current bioethical developments in our team and from our colleagues from other academic centres. If there is some interesting event that happens or something we will take part in we will let you know here. We will also post about our new papers and books and other issues.