Ideas of progress and development in the context of climate crisis

Title: Ideas of progress and development in the context of climate crisis in peripheral philosophies in XXI century

Principal Investigator: Katarzyna Bielińska, PhD

Financing: National Science Centre, Poland, Opus 22

Project period: 2 Nov. 2022-1 Nov. 2025 (36 months)

Project number: 2021/43/B/HS1/03354

Goal of the Project

Debates on progress and development conducted outside Western Europe and North America constitute a substantial part of global philosophical and theoretical knowledge. However, in contemporary academia, potentially relevant philosophical production remains on the outskirts of global knowledge circulation, dominated by the European and North American core.
Our main research question is:
What is the impact of climate crisis on the
discourse on progress and development in
peripheral philosophical debates?
We assume that a substantial part of the relevant literature for this topic is published in journals of local or regional impact and remains outside mainstream debates. Thus, we plan to conduct an integrative review of local and regional literature concerning issues under investigation.We will focus on four regions: Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, and South-Eastern Asia.

Key words: progress, development, social philosophy, political philosophy, ecology, climate

Katarzyna Bielińska (PhD), Principal Investigator

Magdalena Środa, (PhD, Professor UW), Team Member

Karolina Kulpa, Team Member

Sonia Uribe, Team Member