Development of Participatory Bioethics

Project title:  Development of Participatory Bioethics
Principal investigator: prof. Paweł Łuków
Financing: NPRH, Rozwój 2b
Project period: 2016-2018 (36 months)
Project number: 2bH 15 0185 83

Project objective:The project comprises long term, interdisciplinary, empirical and normative research in bioethics. It aims at developing participatory bioethics in three domains: bioethical debate, clinical ethical consultations, and bioethical education. The research is expected to result in institutional, normative and methodological models/standards of democratic and pluralistic public debate on bioethical topics, bioethical clinical consultations, and modern bioethical education for medical students and professionals. The models/standards developed will be adjusted to the needs and requirements of the Polish users of the healthcare system. They will also address Polish social, cultural, and economic-legal realities, as well as best foreign and international practices.

Keywords: bioethics, ethical discourse, clinical ethical consultations, bioethical education


  • Coordinators of the project modules: 
    • prof. Paweł Łuków PhD (University of Warsaw) – PI
    • prof. Tomasz Pasierski PhD MD  (Warsaw Medical University)
    • Marek Czarkowski PhD MD  (Warsaw Medical University)
    • Joanna Różyńska PhD (University of Warsaw)
  • Young researchers:
    • Emilia Kaczmarek MA (University of Warsaw)
    • Jakub Zawiła-Niedźwiecki MA (University of Warsaw)
  • Experts: 
    • Maria Boratyńska DJ (University of Warsaw)
    • prof. Barbara Chyrowicz PhD (Catholic University in Lublin)
    • prof. Maciej Andrzej Kaniowski PhD (University in Lodz)
    • prof. Alicja Przyłuska-Fiszer PhD (Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw)
    • prof. Kazimierz Szewczyk PhD (prof. em. Medical Univeristy in Lodz)
    • prof. Zbigniew Szawarski PhD (prof. em. University of Warsaw; National Institute of Public Health – PZH)

Publication of the project results 

Papers (published or accepted for publication)

  • Łuków, P. (2016). Miejsce świadomej zgody na postępowanie medyczne w kulturze społeczeństwa demokratycznego. In: Wybrane aspekty praw człowieka a bioetyka. Warszawa: Biuro Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich, pp. 11-20.

Conference presentations:

  • 12th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics & Health Law UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, Limassol, Cyprus, March 21-23, 2017; Session: Bioethics and Democratic Culture
    • Łuków, P. (2017). Democratic culture, informed consent, and the social role of bioethics.
    • Różyńska, J. (2017). Healthcare Ethics Committees in young democracies.
    • Czarkowski, M. (2017). Challenges for the patient-centered mission of Hospital Ethics Committees.
    • Zawiła-Niedźwiecki, J. (2017). Clinical Ethics Consultations, democratic inclusion, and the best interests standard.
    • Kaczmarek, E. (2017). The role and the limits of democracy in bioethical education.
  • Łuków, P. (2016). Miejsce świadomej zgody na postępowanie medyczne w kulturze społeczeństwa demokratycznego. Ogólnopolska konferencja naukowa “Wybrane aspekty praw człowieka a bioetyka”, Warszawa, Polska: Biuro Rzecznika Praw Obywatelskich, 10 czerwca.